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How We Started 


CM Lawn And Landscape is a Local Landscaping business that specializes in general property management, from lawn and bed care to tree work. CM is owned and run by a team that started from a young age looking to expand their services while turning their dreams into reality, while understanding the importance of education to expand in every direction.

     We believe the path from dreams to success does exist, so we put our heart into our work everyday. We know we have what it takes. Throughout our journey, we have learned many new skills as we are still eager to learn new things every day. In addition, we have learned the value of our customers and we take pride in keeping our homegrown business local to improve many lives in our community.  

     We look forward to hearing from you via phone or email on the contact page with any questions about how we can help you. Let the growing season begin!

              Sincerely,  Mitchell 

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